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Wednesday, March 24, 2010Y

Its time to come back.

Hiatus for too long and again I am back here typing nonsense. I wonder if there is anyone reading it. =/

Life has been up and down recently and i have been really emotional. Sorry darling, I release my anger on you. You handle it quite well.

After this penang trip, I realised that I've grown up a little. Seen alot of things in this trip.Understanding life in village area, learn how to built up a business and still so much more to learn. My head hurts, my back aches, period pain...can't enjoy my ideal relaxing life.

Unfrotunately, I forgot my camera and here are some photos taken with my BBB. (Booppi's blackberry =3 )

More to come =3

2:38 PM Photobucket
Tuesday, January 12, 2010Y


You know... sometimes I just feel like breaking down and cry my lungs out. 

My daily loads has been piling up ever since, stressed out. =( 

Sometimes being all alone in the office feels so comfortable and peaceful. 

Can I keep up with life like this? .... さああ...がんばります。

11:49 AM Photobucket
Wednesday, December 23, 2009Y

...... Malaysia's Rott weiler

I used to have a rottweiler whos parents are both from germany. I remember dad used almost a thousand bucks to bought it back. I named it cowboi.

It was an active young puppy.

Unfortunately, it was given away because it has grown so big my house has got no space for it to run about. A few months later, it was poisoned to death =(

Sadly, I notice that Malaysia's rottweiler cost you big bucks but sometimes I do see them running around the street....like a stray dogs. What is all these? expensive dogs running astray. *stratch head*

Today I am sick and I took MC. Went to buy some porridage and there I saw a pregnant rottweiler. At one point I was eager to take her puppies away and sell them. Too bad the puppies is still in the tummy. I dont know when will be the next time seeing her again.

hmm talking about dogs. 2 teddys (one from my house another one from my neighbour's and both named teddy) are barking like crazy. Poor dogs being caged and I am not allowed to let it out because mom just washed the garrage. It smells when he run around on wet floors.

Dogs.... arent  they the cutest thing on earth. =)

11:47 AM Photobucket
Tuesday, December 22, 2009Y

Last Goodbye,

2 years come and go in a blink of an eye.Its already 2 years since I started my Japanese Language class in IBT and today was the last class. Thursday will be the finals and thats it. I am having some kinda mixed emotions. I am happy in a way that I do not need to study and struggle any more for exams and I realised that my Japanese has gotten kinda good. Not too good but understandablely good perhaps.... but it also means that we will no longer meet each other like before and soon loss touch and forgotten.... Just like 生田先生who went back to Japan few months ago due to her health problem. First we email very fequent and then least and none.

If I were to look back at the 2 years ago iris, I can say I am some Japanese speaker wannabe who can barely speak at a proper tone of  ”こんばわ” but now I am different. Quite proud of myself tho my this 2 year Jap language can be learnt in just 6 months for full timer. =D 

I remember out veyr first outing with 先生 was a picnic outing at KLCC park. Each of us brought lots of food for 先生but in the end 80% of the food was brought back home. Unfortunately, it rains while we were having some games. I remember it was just a few days before or after the mooncake festival. Fong-san acutally brought jelly mooncake! Was so delicious I can still remember how sweet it tasted. 

Then we went to the Japanese Charity Bazaar in Nicco Hotel. I even saw my ex-boss and her 2 lovely sons O=) 

I am starting to miss those days already =( 

10:27 PM Photobucket
Saturday, December 05, 2009Y

Lazy people tend to have lots of excuses when it comes to studying.Backside pain, here pain, there pain everywhere pain, sleepy, lili lala.etc but YES i am super worried of my upcoming JLPT exams and seriously... I pushed myself for more than 24 hours just to study. Well at least i managed to study for an hour O=) and fell asleep.....

Today I'll be a goodie goodie girl staying at home and study all day long.

One thing that distract me the most is my NDS. I finally understand how Final Fantasy game works and i got so addicted to it i cant let my hands off. Someone please confiscate this thing. sighh...


9:00 AM Photobucket
Monday, November 30, 2009Y

Heaven on Earth.

I was so looking forward for the long weekend and now its finally over.

Its a wonderful weekend for me because my family and I visited sis in Penang and had a 2 days 1
night stay in Pulau Jerejak followed by nieces and newphews visits. They are all so adorable!!!

Xmas is close... CANT WAIT FOR SALES!!!!!!

view Facebook for more pics ;)

7:54 PM Photobucket
Monday, November 23, 2009Y

studying makes me sick. =(


oh oh oh!! i wanna tell you.... I LOVE MY NEW MOUSE! pinky pinky~

back to study.


10:42 PM Photobucket
Sunday, November 22, 2009Y

JLPTの試験はまだ準備しません。 =(

So not prepared for JLPT exam =(

10:43 PM Photobucket


Drinking session at Seng Yang's office on Friday night.
Some pictures to share =)

I must really thank my girls for giving me NDS. SEE!! IT ENTERTAINS EVERYONE!

Love the lighting. Tho i dont am not really into camera and stuffs.

Fallen angel? O=/

Dont you think this pic looks like some winter

♥ それじゃ、おやすみ~ また、明日!!

3:28 AM Photobucket
Friday, November 20, 2009Y

After the rain.

After the rain 雨が上がったら
across the rainbow 虹を飛び越えて

そよ風をつかまえた 手のひら


After the rain 雨が上がったら
across the rainbow 何から始めよう
悲しみは消えないから こっそり


そのままで ただありのままでいよう


6:14 PM Photobucket
Thursday, November 19, 2009Y

Its official!

I now announce that...EDEN OF THE EAST (東のエデン) is officially my new favourite anime.


You're gonna love this. =D

Dont get me wrong, i just love this picture. Its not some typical romantic lovey-dovey anime.

they even have the Juiz handphone. How cool..

And I am addicted to Brenda Vaughn - Reveal the World, an OST for Eden of the East =)

6:41 PM Photobucket